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Saccharides Analysis using Corona Charged Aerosol Detector


Since corona charged aerosol detector (CAD) measures components of elute as well as the analyte, anything elute from column influences the baseline largely. The polymer-based amino column, Asahipak NH2P-50 4E has very small "bleeding" and thus provides stable baseline without much noise compared to silica-based columns.

Sample : 40μg/mL each, 5μL
1. Fructose
2. Glucose

Columns      : Shodex Asahipak NH2P-50 4E (4.6mmI.D. x 250mm)
               Silica based amino column from other manufacturer (4.6mmI.D. x 250mm)
               Silica based amide column from other manufacturer (4.6mmI.D. x 150mm)
Eluent       : H2O/CH3CN=20/80
Flow rate    : 1.0mL/min
Detector     : Corona charged aerosol
Column temp. : 30°C (Amino column), 80°C (Amide column)

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