Curative Drugs to Eradicate H.Pyrori (JJ-50 2D)

Three kinds of Curative drugs to eradicate H.Pyrori were analyzed using RSpak JJ-50 2D. These antibitics are used electrochemical detection (ECD).

Sample : 10 μg/mL each, 10 μL
1. Amoxicillin
2. Clarithromycin
3. Lansoprazole

Column       : Shodex RSpak JJ-50 2D (2.0 mm I.D. x 150 mm)
Eluent       : 50 mM Ammonium acetate buffer (pH7.0)/CH3CN=80/20
Flow rate    : 0.2 mL/min
Detector     : EC (Electrode: Glassy carbon, Applied voltage: +900 mV)
Column temp. : 45 °C

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