Analysis of Inositol According to Japanese Pharmaceutical Excipients 2018 (KS-801)

Inositol was analyzed following the Japanese Pharmaceutical Excipients 2018. The HPLC column packed with a Na-form, strong acidic ion-exchange resin should be used. Shodex KS-801 is one of the columns.
The system suitability requires to satisfy resolution (Rs) between inositol and 1-propanol, an internal standard, to be ≥ 2.0 for a 10-µL injection of the standard solution. Also, the relative standard deviation (RSD) of inositol and 1-propanol to be ≤ 1.0 % for the six repeated analysis. It was confirmed that KS-801 satisfies all required conditions.

Sample: 10 µL
1. myo-Inositol 0.4 %
2. 1-Propanol 1.2 %

Column       : Shodex SUGAR KS-801 (8.0 mm I.D. x 300 mm)
Eluent       : H2O
Flow rate    : 0.9 mL/min
Detector     : RI
Column temp. : 65 °C

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