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Methylxantines (2)


Theobromine, theophylline, caffeine were separated by RSpak DE-413 (4.6mm I.D. x 150mm) and DE-213 (2.0mm I.D. x 150mm). As DE-213 is a semi-micro type column, it can be also used for LC/MS.

Sample :
1. Theobromine
2. Theophylline
3. Caffeine

              (Left)                              (Right)
Column       : Shodex RSpak DE-413                 Shodex RSpak DE-213
               (4.6mmI.D. x 150mm)                 (2.0mmI.D. x 150mm)
Eluent       : H2O/CH3CN=75/25                      H2O/CH3CN=75/25
Flow rate    : 0.5mL/min                           0.1mL/min
Detector     : UV(254nm)                           UV(254nm)
Column temp. : 30℃                                30℃

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