Reverse Phase Analysis of Gluconic Acids (DE-613)

Gluconic acids are highly hydrophilic substances with multiple hydroxyl groups. Acidic eluents suppresses dissociation of carboxyl groups and they become relatively hydrophobic. This makes it easy to retain the targets in reversed phase analysis. In this application, gluconic acids were analyzed using RSpak DE-613, a polymer-based reversed-phase chromatography column, with a simple 2-mM perchloric acid solution used as the eluent.  Each gluconic acid was separated from each other. DE-613 can be used without adding organic solvents even under acidic conditions.


  1. 1.HCl
  2. 2.2-Ketogluconic acid
  3. 3.Gluconic acid
  4. 4.5-Ketogluconic acid
  5. 5.Tartaric acid
  6. 6.Glycolic acid
Shodex RSpak DE-613 (6.0 mm I.D. x 150 mm)
2 mM HClO4 aq.
Flow rate
(Eluent); 0.5 mL/min, (Reagent); 0.2 mL/min
VIS (430 nm) *Post column method
Column temp.
30 ~ 32 ℃

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