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Effects of Sample Concentration (1) (KF-402HQ)


Figure presents the relationship between the concentration of sample and the height equivalent theoretical plate (HETP) for organic solvent SEC (GPC) semi-micro columns, GPC KF-402HQ. Lower HETP is obtained with sample concentration < 2.5 % for the analysis of a lower MW compounds such as dichlorohexylphthalate.
Please refer to Effects of Sample Concentration (2) (KF-403HQ + KF-402HQ) for the analysis of compound having a wide MW distribution, such as EPON1001.

Sample : Dicyclohexyl phthalate, 10 μL

HETP (Column length)/(Theoretical plate number)

Column       : Shodex GPC KF-402HQ (4.6 mm I.D. x 250 mm)         
Eluent       : THF       
Flow rate    : 0.3 mL/min
Column temp. : 40 °C

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