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Effects of Flow Rate (2) (KF-402.5HQ + KF-403)


The effect of flow rate was examined for organic solvent SEC (GPC) semi-micro columns, GPC KF-402.5HQ and KF-403HQ. Improved separation is observed at lower flow rate, especially for the analysis of large MW compound such as EPON1001.
Please refer to Effects of flow rate (1) (KF-402HQ) for an additional information.

Sample : 0.2% EPON1004, 10μL

Columns      : Shodex GPC KF-403HQ + KF-402.5HQ (4.6mmI.D. x 250mm each)
Eluent       : THF              
Detector     : Shodex RI (small cell volume)
Column temp. : 40°C

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