Comparison of KF-402HQ and KF-802

Shodex GPC KF-400HQ series are used for "Semi-micro organic Size Exclusion Chromatography" and these are best suited to determine molecular weight distribution and analysis of low molecular weight materials in polymer. Semi-micro column, GPC KF-402HQ and conventional column KF-802 are comapred using styrene oligomer. In this data, we adjusted the linear velocity of two columns. From these chromatograms, each peak heights of KF-402HQ has increased by 3 to 4 times. It means the detection limits for them has decreased to one third or one fourth. Generally KF-400HQ series have 2 strong points.
1) The plate number has increased by 1.5 times or more than that of conventional column.
2) The consumption of eluent has decreased to less than one fourth.
It is one of important things to reduce consumption of eluent, this Shodex GPC KF-400HQ series is useful very much.

Sample : 5 μL
1. PS, Polystyrene (Mw : 66,000)
2. PS, Polystyrene (Mw : 3,250)
3. PS, Polystyrene (Mw : 580)
4. n-Propylbenzene
5. Benzene

Columns      : Shodex GPC KF-402HQ (4.6 mm I.D. x 250 mm), KF-802 (8.0 mm I.D. x 300 mm)            
Eluent       : THF    
Flow rate    : 0.3 mL/min (KF-402HQ), 1.0 mL/min (KF-802)
Detector     : UV (254 nm)(KF-402HQ; small cell volume, KF-802; conventional cell)
Column temp. : 25 °C

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