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Analysis of Pinitol (SP0810)


Pinitol, a compound present in pine and legumes, is a methylester of chiro-inositol (an optical isomer of myo-inositol) effective in lowering blood glucose levels. For this reason, it is sold in combination with myo-inositol (a compound known for inhibiting fat storage) as a diet supplement for treating metabolic syndrome. Here, A sugar analysis column, SUGAR SP0810 was used to analyze pinitol and myo-inositol, chiro-inositol simultaneously with mono- and disaccharides.

Sample : 0.1% each, 20μL
1. Sucrose
2. Glucose
3. Pinitol
4. Fructose
5. chiro-Inositol
6. myo-Inositol

Column       : Shodex SUGAR SP0810 (8.0mmI.D. x 300mm)
Eluent       : H2O
Flow rate    : 0.8mL/min
Detector     : Shodex RI
Column temp. : 85°C

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