Column Cleaning

Problems in peak shapes and elution time changes or elevated column pressure are often caused by the deposition of insoluble or adsorbing components from the sample/flow-line inside the column. These problems may be resolved by cleaning the column.
If a guard column is used with an analytical column(s), first remove the guard column and check the performance of the analytical column alone. If the problem is solved, most likely the cause was from the guard column. In this case, clean the guard column. If the problem remains even after removing the guard column, clean both guard and analytical columns. Make sure to clean the guard and the analytical columns separately. In case multiple number of analytical columns are used together, wash them separately.
During the column cleaning, disconnect the detector and collect the washing solution directly from the column outlet into a waste container (i.e., do not let the solution go through the detector).
If the column performance does not improve (recover) after performing the column cleaning, please replace the column with a new one.

Cleaning method (1) Removing column inlet blockage (presence of insoluble components)

Insoluble components that block the column inlet may be removed by reversing the flow direction, i.e., introducing the eluent from the column outlet, with flow rate at less than half of the recommended flow rate.

Cleaning method (2) Removing adsorbing components

Cleaning method for adsorbing components differ among the columns. Please check the cleaning method specific to your column.


*For below products, please perform the cleaning method (1). There is no other efficient cleaning method available.

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