Method Optimization for The Simultaneous Analysis of Anionic and Non-ionic Surfactants (GF-210 HQ)

A method was optimized for the simultaneous analysis of anionic and non-ionic surfactants using an Aqueous/Organic (multi-solvent use) SEC column, Asahipak GF-210 HQ. Polyvinyl alcohol used for GF-210 HQ packed gel is slightly negatively charged. By using mobile phase without salt retains this negatively charged surface characteristic; this results in the fast elution of anionic surfactant by ion exclusion effect, and thus separates it from non-ionic surfactant. Meanwhile, addition of salt to the mobile phase suppresses the ion exclusion effect and retains the anionic surfactant, thus it is not separated from the non-ionic surfactant.

Sample: 50 μL

  1. 1.Sodium p-n-octylbenzenesulfonate 100 mg/L
  2. 2.Triton X-114,  (Polyoxyethylene(8) octylphenyl ether) 1000 mg/L
Shodex Asahipak GF-210 HQ (7.5 mm I.D. x 300 mm)
(Left); H2O/CH3CN=65/35  (Right); 50 mM NaCl aq./CH3CN=65/35
Flow rate
0.8 mL/min
UV (254 nm)
Column temp.
40 ℃

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