Analysis of Minerals in Coconut Water (YS-50)

Coconut water is not only a natural drink for hydration, but also contains different minerals that help regulating the body fluid balance. In this application, minerals (Na+, K+, Mg2+, and Ca2+) in coconut water were quantified. A simple sample pretreatment requires only diluting a commercial coconut water 1+19 with ultra-pure water and filtering the mixture using a 0.45-µm membrane filter.

Sample: 10 μL each
(Sample soltion) 20-fold diluted Coconut water with H2O

  1. 2.Na+
  2. 4.K+
  3. 5.Mg2+
  4. 6.Ca2+

(Standard solution) 0.5 % each

  1. 1.Li+ 2 mg/L
  2. 2.Na+ 10 mg/L
  3. 3.NH4+ 10 mg/L
  4. 4.K+ 20 mg/L
  5. 5.Mg2+ 10 mg/L
  6. 6.Ca2+ 20 mg/L
Chromatogram of Coconut water
Caribration curves for Cations
Quantitative resultsScroll
Analytes Na+ K+ Mg2+ Ca2+
Contents (mg/L) 41.5 756.8 27.5 48.6
Shodex IC YS-50 (4.6 mm I.D. x 125 mm)
4 mM Methanesulfonic acid aq.
Flow rate
1.0 mL/min
Non-suppressed conductivity
Column temp.
40 ℃

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