Chiral Separation Column

  • Separates optical isomers by using their conformational compatibility differences
  • Versatile column for chiral separation
  • Fulfills USP-NF L45 requirements
(Standard columns)   [Housing material: SUS]Scroll
Product code Product name Functional group Particle size (μm) Column size (mm)
I.D. x Length
F7146003 ORpak CDBS-453

β-Cyclodextrin derivative

3 4.6 x 150
Product name Maximum pressure
Flow rate (mL/min) Temperature (℃) pH range Shipping solvent
Recommended Maximum *Recommended Range
ORpak CDBS-453 20 0.3 - 0.8 1.2 10 - 30 5 - 60 2 - 7 0.05 % CH3COOH
+ 0.2 M NaCl aq.
* In general, lower temperature setting is more suitable for the separations of optical isomers.

Operation Manual / Certificate of Analysis

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