Notification of Misprint for IC SI-92G Particle Size

Resonac Corporation
Functional Chemical Division

Dear valued customers,

We notify the misprint for IC SI-92G particle size on operation manual, catalog and Shodex website.
We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused by this mistake and will strive to prevent the similar mistakes from happening again.

Corresponding product

Product Name Product Code
Shodex IC SI-92G F6709626

Detail of the correction

Specification Incorrect Correct
Particle Size 9 µm 5 µm

Effective date

Operation manual
Products produced from January 2023
From 2023-2024 version
After website renewal released in January 2023

Cause and measure to prevent recurrence

The wrong description was used from the beginning of IC SI-92G sales and this mistake had been left unattended for many years. It was noticed during the process of checking 2023-2024 version of the new catalog.
The main cause of this issue arose from insufficient checking at the launch of this product.
We sincerely apologize again for inconvenience caused to customers.

Finally, we will endeavor to strengthen quality control furthermore. We appreciate your continued patronage of our products.

If you have any questions, please send your inquiry to us using the "Contact Us" form.

Your sincerely.