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LC/MS Analysis of Hexamethylenetetramine (VC-50 2D)


Hexamethylenetetramine is used for various applications such as curing accelerators for thermosetting resins and raw materials for pharmaceuticals. However, when river water containing hexamethylenetetramine is chlorinated at a water treatment plant, it is known to change into toxic formaldehyde. Therefore a highly sensitive analytical method for hexamethylenetetramine is required. As hexamethylenetetramine has high polarity, retention is weak in reverse phase mode, and traditional methods require derivatization or the use of ion pair agents. HILICpak VC-50 2D is suitable for the retention of highly polar cationic substances and here, we confirmed that it is possible to analyze hexamethylenetetramine without derivatization and ion pair agents with VC-50 2D column at ppb (ng/mL) levels with LC/MS. 

Sample : 10 μL
1, 5, 10 ng/mL (in H2O)
1. Hexamethylenetetramine

Column       : Shodex HILICpak VC-50 2D (2.0 mm I.D. x 150 mm)
Eluent       : (A) 100mM HCOOH aq./(B) CH3CN = 60/40   
Flow rate    : 0.25 mL/min
Detector     : ESI-MS (SIM Positive)
Column temp. : 40 °C

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