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Effects of Injection Volume (KF-606M)


For GPC KF-606M, the effect of injection volume on lution volume and peak-width is shown here. When the injection volume is changed, the elution volume changes very little, however, the peak-width inceases markedly when the injection volume exceeds 20 μL. Therefore, the use of sample concentration lower than 0.05% and the injection volume smaller than 20 μL is recommended.

Sample : Polystyrene
(Elution Volume)
1.7K(0.05%), 4.8K(0.05%), 28.5K(0.05%), 66K(0.05%), 156K(0.03%), 514K(0.03%), 2950K(0.01%), 6750K(0.01%)
1.7K(0.05%), 4.8K(0.05%), 28.5K(0.05%), 66K(0.05%), 156K(0.01%), 514K(0.01%), 2950K(0.01%)

Column       : Shodex GPC KF-606M (6.0mmI.D. x 150mm)
Eluent       : THF 
Column temp. : 40°C

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