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Guidelines for Shodex Column Selection : Drugs, Metabolites and Chiral Compounds


(Drugs and metabolites)
Reversed phase mode, HILIC mode, ion exchange mode and multimode can be used to analyze drugs, metabolite, and chiral compounds. For the analysis of basic drugs, polymer-based columns can be ideal since they can be used with a strong alkaline eluent.

(Chiral Compounds)
Shodex offers two columns for chiral separation. ORpak CDBS-453 is packed with silica-based gel bonded with cyclodextrin derivatives as ligands. The separation mode is based on the difference in the degree of inclusion of the samples into the cyclic structure of the ligand. For chiral separation of amino acids, ORpak CRX-894 is available. It is packed with a polymer-based gel to which L-amino acid derivative is bonded. Guidelines for Shodex Column Selection: Vitamins, Hormones / Neurotransmitters and Lipids

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