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Rapid Analysis of Malto-oligosaccharides, Organic Acids, and Ethanol (SH1011 8C)


The researches on the production of bioethanol through the saccharification and fermentation of biomass had actively been carried. Overdecomposition results in the production of organic acids which may strongly inhibit the microorganisms’ bioactivities. Thus, control of organic acid production is important. To improve the productivity of bioethanol, it is also important to monitor ethanol conversion process during the fermentation. For this type of monitoring, measuring the concentrations of organic acids or ethanol during the production process, requires a rapid analysis.
A rapid analysis column, SUGAR SH1011 8C was used to quantify seven analytes including ethanol. The eluent used was sulfuric acid. The analysis time for a sample was within 6 minutes with 1.0 mL/min flow rate and 65 °C column temperature. The result of SH1011 8C was compared (using the same linear velocity) with a column from other manufacturer, a rapid analysis ion-exclusion chromatography column having the same column length as SH1011 8C. The theoretical plate number of SH1011 8C was about twice higher than that of other manufacturer’s column.

Sample : 0.1 % each, 5 µL
1. Maltotriose
2. Maltose
3. Glucose
4. Lactic acid
5. Glycerol
6. Acetic acid
7. Ethanol

Column       : (1) Shodex SUGAR SH1011 8C (8.0 mmI.D. x 100 mm)
               (2) Ion exclusion column from other manufacturer (7.8 mmI.D. x 100 mm)
Eluent       : 1 mM H2SO4 aq.
Flow rate    : (1) 1.0 mL/min
(2) 0.95 mL/min Detector : Shodex RI Column temp. : 65 °C

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