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Analysis of Fructooligosaccharides in Accordance to the Food System for Specified Health Use (VG-50 4E)


According to the standard of foods for specified health use (standardized type), the content (%) of fructooligosaccharides (total of 1-kestose, nystose, and 1F-fructosylnystose) in the standard componentis analyized with HILIC column. We will introduce an analysis example of a standard fructooligosaccharide (powder) with the internal standard (glycerin) using HILICpak VG-50 4E : a polymer-based amino column. As a result of quantification, the content of fructooligosaccharide in the sample was 96.2 %, and the ratio of each component in fructooligosaccharide was 1-kestose: nystose: 1F-fructosylnystose = 39.3: 53.0: 7.7, which confirmed the satisfiction for each component specification. The same results can be obtained with a silica-based amino column, but with VG-50 4E, the analysis time can be reduced to about 1/3. In addition, polymer-based amino columns have the advantage of higher durability than silica-based amino columns, so VG-50 4E is suitable for this analysis.

Sample : Fructooligosaccharides 20 mg/mL + Glycerin 10 mg/mL (in H2O), 10 μL
1. Glycerin (Internal standard)
2. 1-Kestose
3. Nystose
4. 1F-Fructofranosylnystose

Columns      : (A) Silica-based amino column (4.6 mm I.D. x 250 mm)
               (B) Shodex HILICpak VG-50 4E (4.6 mm I.D. x 250 mm)
Eluent       : CH3CN/H2O=70/30
Flow rate    : 1.0 mL/min
Detector     : Shodex RI
Column temp. : 40 °C

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