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Hydrolyzed Dextran (7) (VN-50 4D by Gradient Elution)


Hydrolyzed dextran oligosaccharides were separated using HILICpak VN-50 4D, a polymer-based column for HILIC mode, by gradient elution. Gradient elution can detect longer oligosaccharides better than isocratic elution.
Please refer to Hydrolyzed Dextran (6) (VN-50 4D).

Sample : 10µL
Hydrolyzed Dextran 0.5% (in H2O/CH3CN=50/50)

Column       : Shodex HILICpak VN-50 4D (4.6mmI.D. x 150mm)
Eluent       : (A); H2O, (B); CH3CN
               Linear gradient: 70% (B) to 50% (B) (40min)
Flow rate    : 1.0mL/min
Detector     : Corona charged aerosol
Column temp. : 40°C

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