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Eluent Degassing Device : DEGASSER ERC-3215α, 3415α


The ERC-3000α series efficiently remove dissolved gases in the eluent.

· Pressure senssor and leak monitor assure high degree of safety.
· Dead volume is minimized to 7mL/channel.
· Any pump can be used since differential pressure is low .
· Cntinuous degassing mode aids eluent preparation for high-sensitivity analysis.
· EMC and LVD compliance, with CE marking

(Dedassing Principle)
A special synthetic membrane (degassing menbrane) is used to selectivety remove dissolved gasses ; using the characteristics of tne small molecular size of the dissolved gas with high mobility and affinity to the menbrane.

(1) Membrane degasser
(2) Vacuum chamber
(3) Pressure sensor
(4) Control board
(5) Three-way solenoid valve
(6) Vacuum pump
(7) Eluent
(8) Feed pump to outlet


Product code
Solvent channels
2 channels
4 channels
ca 5.1kg
ca 5.5kg
Degassing Capacity
When ion-exchanged water saturated with air at 25°C is put through at a flow rate of 3mL/min,
no bubble is observed at the outlet of the apparatus.
(Measured dissolved oxygen level at the outlet : 2ppm at flow rate of 3mL/min)
Internal volume
Max. flow rate
20mL/min for each channel (Eluent: 25°C pure water)
External output
An open connector signal is delivered to the external output signal terminal,
When "PRES" and "LEAK" LEDs light.
W71 x D310 x H136 (mm)
Power source
AC 100 to 240 V, 50/60Hz
Power On/Off display
"POWER" LED lights, when the power is supplied.
Status monitoring function
"READY" LED lights, when the internal pressure in the vacuum chamber
is below a predetermined limit.
Pressure monitoring function
"PRES" LED lights, when the internal pressurein the vacuum chamber
does not reach a predetermined level within a predetermined time.
Leak monitor
"LEAK" LED lights, when the liquid leaks in the apparatus.
Self cleaning
The vacuum line is cleaned by air suction.
Vacuum pump operation
switching function
NORM.: Controlled operation in normal run
CONT.: Cntinuous operation in case og high degree of degassing degassing

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DEGASSER is the registered trademark of E.R.C Co.,Ltd.