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Features of HILICpak VG-50 Series (2) (Stability of Baseline using Corona Charged Aerosol Detector)


HILICpak VG-50 shows a stable baseline and reduced noise level by corona charged aerosol detection (CAD) due to the polymer packing materials. CAD detects nonvolatile and semivolatile analytes eluted from the column with high sensitivity; the stability of the baseline is heavily influenced by bleeding of the packing materials.

Sample : 40µg/mL each, 5μL
1. Fructose
2. Mannose
3. Glucose
4. Sucrose

Columns      : Shodex HILICpak VG-50 4D (4.6mmI.D. x 150mm)
               Silica based amino columns from other manufacturers
               (4.6mmI.D. x 150mm each)
Eluent       : H2O/CH3CN=20/80
Flow rate    : 0.4mL/min
Detector     : Corona charged aerosol
Column temp. : 40°C

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