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ShodexTM Technical notebooks


If you would like to receive a printed Shodex™ technical notebooks, please use "Contact us" to request them.


1. ShodexTM GPC LF series columns
Linear calibration curves over a wide molecular weight range
2. ShodexTM AsahipakTM NH2P-50 series columns
Analysis of saccharides in food industry
3. Food Analysis with ShodexTM columns
Saccharides, Organic acids, Vitamins, Fatty acids and Amino acids
5. ShodexTM KW400 series columns
High performance and downsized column for protein analysis
6. ShodexTM ODP2 HP Series columns
Better retention of highly polar substances
7. Protein & Peptide with ShodexTM columns
8. ShodexTM Ion Chromatography columns
Anion and cation analysis with suppressor and non-suppressor methods